Pet De-Skunking & Flea Baths in Atco, New Jersey

Ensure your pets remain free of parasites and smell great no matter what nature throws their way with our flea baths and de-skunking services. Doggy Details II, conveniently located in Atco, New Jersey, offers pet grooming services to keep your dogs and cats healthy, clean, and happy.

Odor Removal Specialists
There is nothing quite as horrible smelling as an inquisitive pet that gets too close to the business end of a skunk, so bring in your smelly four-legged friends for our proven pet de-skunking treatment. Since most pets get hit with skunk spray in the forehead, we carefully apply a detergent, peroxide, and baking soda mixture to take the smell out.

Plan B
We use diluted laundry detergent as a backup plan when the rinse doesn't work, and we make sure the smell is completely gone before we send your pet home. Once the dog is dry, the smell goes away, but the odor comes back when they get wet again.

No More Fleas
Fleas are a disgusting and harmful burden for all pet owners, and they get especially bad in the springtime after a warm winter. When you notice fleas disturbing your pet, bring it in for a flea bath. Each appointment takes about one hour or more, depending on the size of your pet and the size of the flea infestation.

Yorkie, Flea Baths in Atco, NJ

Contact us in Atco, New Jersey, to keep your pets healthy and odor-free with our flea baths and pet de-skunking services.